Stretch RX With Ronda

Ronda Musca is the owner of Stretch Rx where she uses her fitness passion and expertise to motivate her clients to adopt a healthy lifestyle one step at a time. Her approach of taking ministeps towards your health goals is often the key to success.

1:20 Ronda tells us a bit about herself.

  • Grew up in Indiana.
  • Lived in Florida for 24 yrs.
  • Did ballet as a young adult.
  • Competitive gymnast in Junior Olympics.
  • Was a college cheerleader and she taught aerobics.

1:54  How did you get into your current line of work?

  • An active lifestyle set the stage, it was innate.

2:20 What motivates you with Stretch Rx?

  • Changing people’s lives and developing a lifelong bond.

2:45 How have you been received locally by your clients?

  • Client support for over 25 years has given encouragement to start CBD line for pain, try new techniques and test products.

3:26 Ronda outlines her certification and how it benefits her clients.

  • American Council on Exercise.
  • American College of Sports Medicine.
  • Certified Senior Fitness Specialist.
  • Certified Master Fitness Trainer.
  • Advanced Medical Certification
  • Certified Nutrition Consultant..

6:25 Ronda cites this as a reason for unfulfilled goals.

  • Unrealistic goals. 

7:07 Ronda speaks to the relationship with food and how it can help her clients.

  • Whole foods diet, preferably plant based and unprocessed.
  • Healthy habits, one step at a time.

7:47 The importance of baby steps.

8:24 How seniors exercise in a safe and defined manner?

  • One on one attention.
  • Private room instead of large, open area.
  • All of similar age group.

8:41 Does insurance cover this service?

  • Co-pay service available.

9:11 Ronda describes her products.

  • 25 years of testing.
  • Based on demand.
  • Natural and organic.
  • Therapeutic values of CBD.
  • No fillers, parabens or phthalates.
  • Grown in USA.

10:33 Audience’s take away.

  • You don’t have to live with pain.

11:34 How can listener’s reach out to Stretch RX?

More about Ronda

Ronda, the owner of Stretch RX is a living breathing example of what a Healthy Lifestyle and smart Fitness looks like.. Ronda grew up in Indiana as a very active kid. She learned to ride horses at an early age as well as motorcycles, snowmobiles, and tractors. There is a much softer side to her as well which is evidenced in her more formal training in Ballet and Competitive Gymnastics, Cheering in college and teaching Aerobics. Ronda says “I have been interested in fitness all of my life” Growing up in a family that was very fitness orientated really set the stage for her future. When asked “What motivates you?” Ronda responded with a heartfelt answer, “Changing people’s lives motivates me”. She says “Because of the impact I have had on people’s lives that is very rewarding and brings me great joy.” Ronda has over 25 years of experience and degrees in physical science and business health management among many other certifications. Being a graduate of the American College of Sports Medicine she is formally trained at a very high level and has worked with many high profile athletes as well. But don’t let that intimidate you if you are a senior. That simply means she knows the human body inside and out and her love for helping seniors live better and longer lives is what really lights her up. Ronda says “Just simple things like balance, movement, and pain management can make a world of difference to many seniors today.” Ronda says “I approach everyone with mini steps” She also believes in a whole food diet which means no processed foods. Knowing that is not possible all of the time she teaches healthy life habits 1 step at a time. In closing Ronda said this “You do not have to live with pain. You can improve your life by stretching, healthy eating and using natural pain relief products sincerely believe that Stretch RX is a “Diamond-in-the-rough” resource that’s proudly serving our senior market right here in Tampa Bay and Naples, Florida!