Your Blood Cells Are Telling Your Story with Brandi Stewart


“One drop of blood can be very telling”- Brandi Stewart. 

“Our bodies weren’t designed to handle the load that’s thrown on them now”- Brandi Stewart



After discovering the benefits of natural health options on her self healing journey, Brandi Stewart has put her knowledge into practice at Stewart Analysis. Her combined certification in Applied Microscope Technology for Health and Audit Processes, an insured wellness Counselor and years of experience guides her practice. Brandi analyses her clients microscopic blood cells to discover their life story. What is revealed then directs the holistic approach needed for her clients to achieve wellness.


1:00 – Brandi tells us about herself.

  • She grew up in Central Valley, California.
  • She was a Deputy Sheriff in her former years.
  • Medically retired due to autoimmune health challenges.
  • Moved to Maryland and sought alternative treatment options.
  • Successfully controlled the conditions of Epstein Barr and Fibromyalgia which led to a 20-year natural health career.


2:08 – Brandi details nutritional microscopy and what she does at Stewart Analysis.

  • An educational tool used to analyze the human body through a fingerstick of blood.
  • Lifestyle, diet and environmental factors can be identified through its negative or positive impact.
  • Findings initiate a dialogue about health and wellness.
  • Dark Field Microscopy, is a 100 year old technique founded by German biologist Gunther Enderlein.
  • It embraces a natural way for the body to heal itself.


5:03 – Some common conditions presented for analysis.

  • The effects of the standard American diet.
  • High levels of toxins.
  • Adrenal fatigue.
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies.


10:30 – The type of results experienced with this treatment modality.

  • Results vary from person to person.
  • A person’s desire and discipline determines the results.
  • Wellness plans are customized.
  • Early detection of potential problems.


12:42 – Can blood analysis be used as a preventive measure?.

  • There are clues in the blood which directs the path to healing. 


12:58 – Who are the circle of professionals which clients are referred to?.

  • Practitioners of alternative modalities who are masters of their craft.


13:31 – Audience Takeaway.

  • The best quality of life comes from self responsibility for one’s health.
  • Have a customized wellness plan with a good foundation of diet and exercise.
  • Shifting or changing a few things can make a huge difference.


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