There Are Always Options with Shawn Yesner


Show Notes

“Bankruptcy has a bad stigma but it’s one of those tools to help people get back on track” ~ Shawn Yesner


As an attorney, Shawn Yesner recognizes that bad things do happen to good people. When a situation goes sideways he is there to assure clients, in a judgment-free, manner that there are always options. Though his scope of practice is wide, Shawn’s law expertise is in the areas of Real Estate, Debt Elimination and Bankruptcy.

1:07 Shawn tells us about himself

  • Attorney at Yesner Law
  • Podcast host of the Crushing Debt Podcast
  • H.O.A board member
  • Husband and father of two children
  • Soccer Coach

2:19 Shawn describes how he got into the field of law

  • Paternal influence as a C.P.A.
  • Two experiences shaped the final outcome.

6:33 A client’s success story of moving from bankruptcy to real estate investment shared.

8:11 Shawn’s 3 areas of expertise outlined.

  • Real Estate Law from a transactional perspective: The Closing Process, Buying/Selling Commercial Real Estate, Leasing Residential/Commercial, Title Claim Issues, Ownership Dispute, just to name a few.

10:03 Debt Elimination Law

  • Negotiating with the creditor as an alternative.

11:02 Bankruptcy Representation

  • An option of last resort in most cases.

11:34 When is bankruptcy recommended and when is it not?

13:10 Audience Takeaway.

  • Free consultation to determine how best Yesner Law can help.


13:50 Contact information.