The Reality of Senior Market Realty with Sue Archer Reynolds

There are many important factors to consider when addressing housing needs, even more so when it’s those of our aging or senior community. Sue Archer Reynolds, Owner of Archer Realty, takes her experience as a caretaker and a licensed real estate broker to address the needs of adequate housing for seniors. Sue enlightens us with the reality of senior market realty.

Show Notes


1:02 Sue shares a little bit about herself.

  • She is all about family.


1:40 How did Sue get started in the real estate industry?

  • Bought her 1st house at age 21years, right out of college.
  • Owned five houses by age 25.
  • Worked with other companies before venturing out as a Licensed Real Estate Broker and opening her broker’s practice.


2:30 An interesting fact about property taxes in California.


2:51 Sue explains her specialty in the real estate market.

  • A focus on senior advocacy: more than buying or selling a house.


3:47 Issues involved in senior market realty

  • The implications of selling a home e.g. possible disqualification from government assistance.
  • Assessing their medical needs.
  • How care will be provided, at or away from home, assisted or independent
  • Social issues such as isolation.
  • Legal structures in place.


6:40 An example of the positive impact of Sue’s senior realtor advocacy.

10:26 An example of adverse outcome due to disregard of Sue’s professional advice.


14:14 Does down-sizing save money for seniors?


15:02 A new trend in the real estate market.

  • The I buyer.


17:42 Audience’s take away.

  • Dementia may be present but may go unnoticed.
  • Be a social connection for your senior neighbour.


19:04 Sue’s contact information.

  • Tel: 727 270 4920
  • Email:



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