Tactics And Strategies For Better Memory

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Even though Matt DiMaio was a college dropout he heavily invested in his learning so that he could reduce the dropout rate of his students. In so doing he became an expert in tactics and strategies for better memory. His teaching earned him the nickname of ‘Matt the Memory Man’ and the reputation of ‘he’ll meet you once but remember you forever’.

1:30   What is meant by ‘school tells you what to learn, Matt DiMaio shows you how to learn it’?

  • Matt teaches actual tactics or strategies on how to pay attention, focus, be an excellent listener, retain and recall information.

3:32  How do you recall everyone’s name from an audience of hundreds?

  • He’s been practicing for decades with no mirrors, tv monitors or cues.
  • It is a learned skill using a system likened to riding a bicycle.

6:49  How did you get started in all this memory stuff and high performance learning?

  • It started with the financial crisis in 1979.
  • The pain of a charge back resulted in financial motivation to find a way to reduce the student’s drop out rate.
  • Matt’s successful strategy placed him on the radar of professional organizations in the field of data processing as a guest speaker.
  • From professional speaking he entered into the corporate market using his techniques to grow very large sales organizations.

16:48  Where can your books be found? 

  • An author of 3 books available on Amazon.
  • Titles include: ‘How To Remember People’s Names’, ‘Forgetful No More’ and ‘Straight A Strategies For Successful Online Learning’.
  • An overview of each is given.

23:15  Do you have any tips for people getting older to deal with the issue of forgetfulness?

  • Matt uses an approach he calls ‘the three causes of forgettory’.
  • Cause #1 You don’t get it
  • Cause #2 You don’t care.
  • Cause #3 You don’t believe.


Matt DiMaio

Now in his 4th decade of producing attention-getting results as a respected speaker/trainer, Matt DiMaio is also the creator of the popular YouTube channel: “Be Smarter Faster” where his ideas have helped millions of students and gained a worldwide audience.

Since 1980, he has continued to research, teach, and publish the very best tips, tactics, and techniques that empower students of every age to learn everything and anything, faster and better. 

Matt is the author of 3 books, now available on Amazon: “How To Remember People’s Names”“Forgetful No More!” and his newest, “Straight ‘A’ Strategies for SUCCESSFUL ONLINE LEARNING” which made it’s way to the #1 best seller spot.

Often called “The EnterTrainer” for his dynamic and humorous approach, Matt’s philosophy is to “Laugh and Learn Your Way to Success”.  In addition to having lectured at many colleges & universities, he has spoken at some of North America’s most prestigious venues, including, Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center, the Toronto Convention Center, New York’s Waldorf Astoria, Nassau Coliseum, and The Super Dome

Matt’s resources.

You can see Matt’s videos at www.YouTube.com/BeSmarterFaster
and be sure to check out his free report at www.StartRemembering.com

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