The Importance of Retirement Planning with Jerry Slutzky


“You’re literally controlling your money from the grave when you use a revocable trust.” – Jerry Slutzky.


Jerrold E. Slutzky, otherwise known as Jerry, comes from a family of fourteen lawyers. The ‘love of law’ influence came from his father who was a practitioner until he was 96 years old. As a General Practitioner, in Chicago, Jerry gained experience in various areas of the law. His move to Florida has since resulted in the narrowing down of his focus into Estate Planning, Probate and Business law only. Jerry believes in the importance of retirement planning supported by documentation being put into place while one is still young and healthy to do so. With 42 years of law practice, Jerry is the owner of The Slutzky Law Firm.

2:20 – Jerry tells how he got into Estate Planning.

  • Identifying the needs of the aging population in Florida and the difference in work-life pace which it brought.


3:53 – The power of a Will and Estate Planning.


5:05 – One real-life example of a postponed Will.


6:10 – One example of an incomplete Trust set up.


7:15 – Jerry outlines the time in which documents are prepared for signing.

  • Adjustments made in light of Covid-19 restrictions.


8:50 – common mistakes that occur in Estate Planning.

  • No planning at all
  • Not reviewing beneficiary designation on retirement plans.
  • Forgetting a Will does not avoid Probate.
  • Not considering a Revocable Living Trust.


14:39 – Jerry describes how the idea of the My “Everything” File came into being.


16:50 – Elements of the My “Everything” File described.

  • A workbook that guides you to efficiently gather and organize ALL the information your loved ones need to know about you. 


18:14 – My “Everything” File transmuted into an online course.

  • Soon to be in a fillable, pdf format.


19:15 – Why the My “Everything” File is a celebration of a person’s life.


22:00 – Jerry’s audience takeaway.

  • Retirement Planning is extremely important.
  • Estate Planning is a part of Retirement Planning.
  • Have documentation in place while you are still young and healthy enough to do so.
  • Other important directives: Power of Attorney, Health Care Surrogate, Living Will.


23:35 – Contact Information



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