Healing Is Possible With Holistic Health


“Why not go further to find out the root cause of the problem and start treating it from the root to finally heal totally?”- Delores Conte.



“Are you going into medical school because of the money or are you going to medical school because of helping people?” This was the question asked of Delores Conte by her father when she told him she wanted to go to the Dominican Republic to study medicine. Originally from Cuba, at that time Delores was enrolled in a nursing programme at the St. Petersburg College, Clearwater Campus. Her answer, “…because I want to help people,” started her journey in the medical field. She became a medical doctor and has practiced in that capacity from 1990-2009. In 2009 she had an awakening in which she pivoted from western medicine to the practice of alternative medicine. She is presently a Holistic Practitioner and the owner of Holistic Health.


2:51 – Delores shares what influenced her to get into medicine.

  • Family history of doctors and professors.
  • She has been surrounded by medicine with her father being a physician for almost 55 years.


7:10 – Delores explains the reason for the occurrence of a high rate of chronic illnesses.

  • She attributes that the type of medicine being practiced is at fault.
  • With the prevalent maintenance approach there is little concentration on finding the root cause.


12:49 – The relationship between practitioners and insurance companies explained.


15:00 – The patient goals of Holistic Health.

  • For patients to live a healthier lifestyle.
  • For patients to gracefully live life without pain and suffering.


16:54 – Health issues often seen and treated in Delores’ practice.

  • It’s a referral only system.
  • Pre-existing medical conditions and ineffective treatment plans.
  • Overweight, increased blood pressure, increased cholesterol, kidney problems, digestive issues.
  • People who are fed up of feeling sick and wish to heal. 


18:10 – The importance of the assessment process outlined.

  • Past and present clinical history obtained with the aim of tweaking the treatment plan already set by the patient’s physician.


19:40 – How does a doctor become a referral source?


21:38 – Some areas Delores questions her patients about.

  • How do you live?
  • Your nutrition history since birth.
  • Your family, your spouse, your children.
  • Your childhood illnesses, your present illness.


22:09 – Your physical, mental, psychological, emotional and environmental states give a clearer picture of the whole to pinpoint the cause of the illness.


23:50 – The holistic way of managing a patient’s pain.

  • Focus on getting rid of the pain source: Inflammation
  • Alternatives to prescription drugs employed such as nutrition, homeopathic medicine, manipulation(chiropractor, acupuncturist), reiki therapy, detoxification, hypnosis, just to name a few.


29:01 – How the multidisciplinary approach is used in holistic problem solving.


33:42 – Audience takeaway

  • You have options.
  • Don’t ever take, ‘There is nothing we can do for you,’ or ‘This is all I can do for you,’ as an answer.


36:51 – Contact Information

  • Tel: 813 446 0889
  • Email: holistichealth.conte@gmail.com



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