Art from the Heart Café With Joey

Joey is the owner of Art from the Heart, an art studio that facilitates making memories with thoughtful gifts expressed in pottery and painting.

Shownotes and Time Stamps

1:24 Joey tells us a little about herself

    • Born in Virginia.
    • Moved to Florida in 1987.
    • Pursued a career in Computers, Accounting, and Business.

2:09 How do you go from bits and bytes to pottery painting?

    • The result of a mother/daughter weekly activity.

3:31 Joey details the fun in pottery painting.

    • Firing of pottery items (dishes, jewelry box, etc) after painting.
    • Canvas painting: an added service where you can make it a party for kids and adults.

5:52 How has the business been received by customers?

    • It attracts both local and out of town visitors.
    • Shipping offered to out of town visitors as well as up to 1-year pick-up time.

9:09 What type of feedback have customers given?

    • Memories are made.
    • A project of your dreams is created.
    • You don’t have to be an artist to create.

10:23 Michael explores how art from the heart impact gift giving.

12:48 The effects of Art from the Heart on kids.

    • A relationship builder between grandparents and grandchildren.
    • A means of expression both artistically and conversationally.

14:30 Who else can be a part of Art from the Heart?

    • Senior discount offered on Thursdays.
    • Adult male/female, individual/group looking for a pastime.
    • Private parties available: Thanksgiving plate is a special feature.
    • Family bookings are available.
    • Something for every age. 

15:44 Price points to consider.

    • Something for everybody’s budget.
    • Pottery price range $3.00-$75.00.
    • The studio fee covers paints, glazing, and firing: Adults $8.00, Kids 12 & under $6.00.
    • Look out for discounted days on the website and pottery page.

17:19 Audience take away.

    • Give it a chance.
    • You don’t have to be an artist to enjoy pottery painting.
    • Lots of tools provided so you can relax and not feel intimidated.

More about Joey

Joey moved to Florida in 1987 to pursue a career in computers and accounting. She discovered pottery painting years ago when her daughter was 4 years old. The two instantly fell in love with the activity and all of the cool mommy/daughter time it afforded them. In fact, it soon turned into a weekly outing for these two. Joey says her favorite part of the business is seeing the connectivity between people happen in her shop in such an informal and natural way. Joey says “We make memories here not just painted objects” Joey also comments that she loves to see so many thoughtful gifts that are created in her studio and that is another rewarding part of her business. Joey says, “We are very fortunate that we are in a location that is very popular to locals as well as out of town guest”  and “We help our out of town guest by shipping their creations directly to their home so they don’t have to travel with bulky items”. Art from the Heart Café discourages the use of electronic devices so all guests can relax and get lost in the moment of creativity and connectivity that makes this experience so unique. Thursday is Seniors day and AFTH offers a discount to these more mature KIDS J. Private parties like birthdays, wedding gifts, anniversaries, or just plain old family fun are popular group events to book. Joey says Grandparents find this activity a great way to connect with grandkids. She says conversations start to flow in a very natural way making it a treasured memory for both the big and little kids. AFTH fits all budgets too. Items cost from $3 to $75 for the most expensive item (A ceramic Christmas tree that lights up). You can control how much you spend by what you choose. There is a $8 studio fee for paints, stencils, brushes, etc. which includes glazing and firing of your ceramic. Entertaining, relaxing, and fun best describe AFTH experience and it’s budget-friendly too!


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