A Supportive Foundation for Warriors Led by Annie Okerlin



Exalted Warrior Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that facilitates an adaptive yoga instruction program that is designed for wounded warriors in the active military, veteran hospital facilities, and veterans within communities around the country. This supportive foundation for warriors is led by Annie Okerlin. The keys of wellness which she teaches in Yoga help the warrior reintegrate into their community after leaving the care of the military, returning home to a potentially fuller and more productive life.

1:09 Annie describes being born and bred in Tampa.

  • The growth of Tampa from then to now through Annie’s eyes.

3:10 How the Exalted Warrior Foundation came into being.

  • Adaptive Yoga and meditation to support recovery from the after-effects of war.

6:00 The reaction to Yoga as a support mechanism by both Annie and the participants.

7:40 Annie describes the range of military and VA participants in Yoga.

9:30 Places visited by the Exalted Warrior Yoga practice.

  • The inadvertent benefits experienced.

14:15 How being service members creates a connecting point that builds comradery. 

  • Community Adaptive Yoga classes support the creation of comfort zones.

17:22 The beauty of the development of relationships and empowerment by Yoga.

  • Warriors gain self-awareness, and strength of body and mind.


20:50 The issue of PTSD addressed.

  • The importance of removing the D in PTSD.
  • Moving from Post Traumatic Stress to Post Traumatic Growth.

22:15 The structure and function of the Exalted Warrior Foundation in detail.

25:47  What is required from/of volunteers?

Website: https://www.exaltedwarrior.com