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Welcome to Retirement Tampa Bay the casual and entertaining way to find interesting people, places, businesses and services in the Tampa Bay area that can bring more fun, health, and enjoyment to your life.

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Michael Watkins

Michael Watkins

Show Host

Your host, Michael Watkins owns Tampa Bay Advisory (A Boutique Wealth Advisory) and he has positioned himself as an Independent Fiduciary Advisory, free from all of the entanglements that make the company more important than the client. Michael has been a small business owner for 30 years and in financial services for 10 always with a smile and always in the best interest of the people that he serves. As a future retiree, Michael is getting a head start on all the things he wants to do when it’s time to slowdown. Welcome to Retirement Tampa Bay.

Listen to Michael talk about his experience, his why and how he helps others.

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